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Windows 8 Sucks Ass

I am an obnoxious proponent of Linux.  I like that it is free, I like that it is open-source, and I like the custom ability it lends itself to.  Now let’s look at Windows. 1. You have to grant access for programs to perform what they are supposed to do, and sometimes you aren’t even […]

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Logitech M325 Mouse on Mac OS X

Recently, my el cheapo wired USB mouse died on me. It’s not completely dead, but insists on opening no less than 5 windows every time I click on something. I went to my local Best Buy to see if there were any deals on something in between dirt cheap and not-over-$100. I ended up coming […]

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WEI PowerShell

Find Your Windows Experience Index in Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows Vista to the world in the beginning of 2007, it introduced a new scoring feature called the Windows Experience Index. This special feature measures 5 key areas of your computer’s hardware and assigns values based on basic benchmarking performance in: processor (CPU), graphics, memory (RAM), hard disk, and gaming graphics (3D), […]

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Alternative To Sublime Text

Meet Atom   Every programmer I know loves Sublime Text, and rightfully so. Sublime Text is a brilliant text editor that aids in the efficiency of writing code through it’s beautiful syntax highlighting and multi-view interface. It is customizable, and until now there hasn’t been a strong contender to this proprietary, and pricey piece of […]

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Free Your PC | Switch To Linux

In my proffesion a lot of people come to me with issues regarding their PC (yes people use PCs still).  Most of their issues are based on the counter intuitive and limiting nature of Windows.  Let’s be real; Windows is a piece of shit and has been for a long time.  It gets slower and […]

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Geeky Wi-Fi Hotspot Names

Whenever I’m out and about, I take every opportunity to find free wireless internet access. I’m more dependent than ever before on Wi-Fi calling when I travel to keep in touch. Often times, my phone will cut out in office buildings — and even perform poorly on the second floor of my house. In all […]

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Solid State Drive

From SATA to SSD Hard Drives on Hackintosh

A couple months ago I wrote about building my own inexpensive Intel-based Mac OS X Hackintosh computer. One of the major updates I mentioned was upgrading my older SATA drive to an SSD. I’m happy to announce that I’ve upgraded my primary OS X drive to an SSD and the performance is greatly noticed in typical usage. […]

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OS X Yosemite

Super Budget Hackintosh Build

Update: I finally made the switch from SATA to SSD Hard Drives Following the success of my last Mac OS X build running on a Dell Inspiron 1525 HackBook, I’ve decided to build a super budget Hackintosh desktop for light gaming, design, and media. I originally built this system last year, and I will be continuously […]

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